Thursday, August 19, 2010

Bed Hog

So this actualy happened on the weekend of the fourth of July.
My family always goes to South Padre Island to do some fishing,bbqing, and floundering around on the beach. This year was no different, except Egypt came with us. Last year I didn't go because I had just came home with her and the week after was really full of traveling, because my Grandpa had passed away. At Gdb they recommend staying home as much as you can for the first few weeks so your dog can establish your home as their home. I think Egypt did this in about 5 minutes, but I just wanted to be cautious to make sure she was happy. 

Anyway, We took off to S.P.I. the whole group that went was both of my sisters, my brother in-law,  my parents, and Nat, Egypt, and myself. The condo we stayed at could only accommidate 6 people, so naturally that meant I got the floor. We had just bought this awesome new travel crate for Egypt so we could secure it in the car for traveling, and use if for a bed for her, sadly it was to big for the car by about and inch. So Nat an I decided to return the crate when we would get back home, and this meant we couldn't get the bed that came with it all furry. So Egypt didn't have a place to really call her own. Or so I thought. The first day we got there, I aired up an air mattress that Was packed for the floor dweller. After it was properly inflated I layed down on it and invited Egypt to lay with me. Big mistake. The moment she set paw on it she practically laid claim to it. Any time we were looking for Egypt all we had to do was look on the other side of the couch and there she was sleeping on my bed. Luckily she didn't puncture it, or we would have both been sleeping on the millimeter thick sandpaper carpet. I thought it was funny when ever we would walk in the room and there she was curled on the air mattress, but when it came time to go to sleep, that was a different story. I always let Egypt sleep with me for a while on my bed, she usually uses my legs as a bed liner and props her head up on my shin while the rest of her is curled up. Well she did this those nights to, and it wasn't bad because she does it all the time. Later on in the night i thought she would get up and stretch and come back to a different place and take up ALL of the space on the bed. So I had an extremely limited range of movement because she would lay in the middle of the bed and block off any rememing room for my legs. I just dealt with it for a while, but one time I couldn't take it. She had taken all of the blankets, and the air conditioner was set to blizzard. So I was pretty miserable, and I woke up and asked her to move. After I got the blanket I called her back and thought. Extra body heat. A few nights later, my cousin and her boyfriend came to stay with us,because traffic was insane. So the boyfriend slept next to my air matress, and in the middle of the night had a sleeping buddy. For some reason Egypt had been kind of taken with him. So one of the times she got up, she went to go lay with him and actually put her arm on him. I think he liked it lol. She is pretty spoiled though. In my bedroom, she has her crate, which has an extremely poofy bed in it and she goes there all the time. Her crate also doubles as my night stand so she is usually always in petting distance. Then about 7 feet away, she has a memory foam bed that she can lay on to, she uses it some times mostly to prop her head on when she lays on the carpet. THEN she has our bed. She has never gotten on any furniture with out my permission, but she does a great job of begging to get up with me. She will rest her head on the edge of the bed and do a deep sigh kind of thing. So naturally She gets my attention. If I ignore her, she'll move her head around and sigh more. It's really pretty funny. Most times I'll give in because I already wanted to  give her attention, but other times I'll tell her " Go to your room" and she'll go to her crate. If she is sleeping with me on the bed, I usually let her stay till she is ready to leave, but other times if she is cutting of circulation to my leg to the point of it threatening to fall off , I'll wake her up and ask her in a whisper "Do you wanna go to your room?" and she'll get up and go. Hopefully some day my kids, will listen  like that. I can only hope though.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A Millennium later

Bleep blorp bleep, O sorry, I thought that was the language of the day, guess it's still english. good thing is I can still write it.
Well I know I have been totally sucking at posting, but boy have I got some news to tell ya'll. Well today was really exciting for me. Natalie found Egypt's puppy raisers a while back, but didn't realize what she had done. Today C contacted Nat and told her who she was. Nat told me and I couldn't believe it. I lost their contact info shortly after coming home from GDB, and didn't know how to get a hold of them so they could see how Egypt was doing. It is amazing how small of a world this is. 

Well this summer has been slow, due to all the heat, and me not being as busy as I should be. Egypt is still being her good self. Our routine hasn't really deviated to much this summer, but hopefully with new semester we'll have things to do. 

On the wedding frontier however, we have set a date and started getting all the details of it going. We are having our wedding in Jamaica in january of 2012. We are going to do a week long cruise and will get married on the 19th. That day is special because that is the day we started dating in 2008, and also the day we got engaged in 2010.  Good thing is I won't be able to forget the day, If I do, I wouldn't blame Nat for killing me. 
Just recently we got a new vehicle to. It's awesome. We finally have enough room for both dogs, us and some day kids. It's pretty weird thinking I'll have kids, but My dad is the one who brought it up and I couldn't argue with his points. My favorite feature about the car is that it has air conditioning in the back for Egypt and bob. No more little fan that did absolutely nothing to keep them cool. 

The other new thing that has been going on for a while is I have picked up a new hobby/ potential job thing.
I have been learning how to craft things with leather. yeah I know I'm making it sound all impressive, but as of now I have made a few leashes and collars. I also made a dock for my iphone 4 (which I recommend to any blind person) , and wrapped it in leather too.  I am also learning to make front pocket wallets,, standard wallets, and purses. If you would like one of these such items send me a message or an email.

Well, I think that is really all the big news summed up for you lately. Sorry for the 4 month gap, but hopefully now, there will be more to write about since I'll be doing stuff again.