Sunday, January 24, 2010

What a Great Day!

It was. Natalie and I had just gotten engaged and it was about an hour later and we were at home. She was chatting away with her sister and I was relaxing waiting to go out to eat with Nat. So I was sitting on the bed and listening to music on my laptop. It's such a great laptop. So I was scrolling through the music waiting till I found a song I liked when all of a sudden a song from Kings of leon came on, so I listened to that. After that song another song from the kings came on and I thought to myself "what luck". Then  ANOTHER song from them came on. I wasn't suspicious yet but took it all in stride. Then a cover version of Metallica's Unforgiven came on. It is done by a string tribute band. It sounds awesome, it is a bunch of violins and a chelo playing all aspects of the song (except the drums. So I thought to myself "man! this is a good day I get engaged and my laptop is playing all my favorite songs." So I let the music keep rolling and eventually I get curious why it's playing good music it never does this… Not even my ipod does that. So about 30 minutes roll by and still good songs. So I finally investigate. Well it turns out that while I was scrolling through my songs, I must have switched the playlist to "25 most played songs"  on my Itunes window. So I felt pretty dim after that.  I decided to tell Nat about it later on, fully knowing I would be made fun of. Can you blame her? If it was her I would make fun of her all day and ask if she could D.J. the wedding lol… So for the past few days thats the playlist I've been listening to. Every once in a while I'll run into a chapter from my Harry Potter audiobook, I didn't realize I listened to it that much. Its got the highest play count out of every song at like 14. I'm surprised it beat any Metallica song considering they are my favorite band lol.

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Ro said...

If I had Harry Potter in my itunes library, it would do the same thing hehe! I thought you were gonna say that Natalie made you a cool playlist without you knowing it hehe!!