Thursday, April 1, 2010

Remember me???

Well I know it has been about half a millenia since I've written, but I'm back again lol. So the new things that have happened around her is 1. Natalie finally got her pup. I'm sure the majority of ya'll read her blog, but on the off chance you don't his name is Bob. He is a crazy yellow lab/ stork mix. Not really he just has extremely long legs. Thats about all the new stuff that has happened haha just kidding. Egypt is doing great still, she had a slight soft tissue injury in her shoulder, but she is all recovered now. The doc said it was probably from playing and running so much, considering she hadn't done much of that till Bob came around.

Well Nat and I have more or less decided that we are going to have our wedding on a cruise off to some where in the Caribbean. So lately I've been turning over every rock on the net to find packages rooms and cruises that sound good, and reasonable for family to join us as well. (if they want) So far I've only found one cruise line that does the weddings while the ship is sailing, all the others perform the weddings at the dock before the ship sets sail.  Thats really everything thats been going on lately, but I'll keep ya'll posted, sorry I suck at posting every other day lol. 

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