Saturday, October 31, 2009

TRUELY a Halloween Nightmare

Hmm... Where to start. At the point of nearly starving to death or almost getting run over by an old lady behind the wheel of a Walmart shopping cart? I'll just start from the beginning of it all. I thought it was going to be a normal day of just sitting around and relaxing, clearly I was wrong. I can never remember what we have to eat here at home so I'll go raid the pantry and sometimes the fridge to find absolutely nothing to eat. So i grabbed a sleeve of ritz crackers that were in the pantry and decided this would be a good snack. Well that good snack ended up practically being my whole ration for the day. So I asked Natalie if we could go to walmart to pick up some groceries so we could eat something besides the dust we breath in. Natalie told me we could go later because she was doing laundry, which I later realized meant she was watching an America's next top model marathon. So I retreated to the bedroom to put myself in a self induced coma to slow my metabolism so I could save my strength for the day. (I really just took a nap and didn't realize it till my phone rang and scared the life outta me) So I finally annoyed Nat enough to get her to take me to walmart. Here is where the real nightmare begins. It all started out well enough, we walked in and nothing is out of the ordinary... Till SHE showed up. Nat and I were looking for nacho cheese because I love nachos and I have been dying for some lately, when an old lady who Nat describes as looking like The Penguin from the batman movies comes down the isle. Now I don't know if none of this lady's senses work but she walked right down the isle and Nat tells me to watch out so I panic and don't know where to go. Natalie kindly moves out of the way so the lady can go around Egypt and I. But NO! the lady strolls right up to me and Egypt, making Egypt move and trip on my foot. She didn't say a word to me or acknowledge that I even existed... I have no clue how she drove herself to Walmart, if she has that same attitude on the road she has got to have one hell of a driving record. .. Anyway. I was really upset at this rudeness, I usually brush everything off, but i guess it was the complete lack of acknowledgement of my existence that got me mad. So I fumed a little bit about the lady for a few minutes just loud enough so Nat could hear me. She was pretty ticked too. When all of a sudden I hear a bark in the store. My first thought was is there a stray here in Walmart??? Then Nat and I thought it might be a crazy kid screaming. So we brush it off. So we go to the check out line for the first time. (I wish I was making that up) When some kid says "OOOO look at the dog!" And he comes and pets Egypt. Now if he was 2 years old I would have been ok with it, but no this kid was like 13 Nat told me. Lucky for him Natalie was the one who caught him petting Egypt and told him not to. So we inched along the counter when we realize that we don't have eggs or a cake pan for the cake Nat wants to make. So we get out of line so we can go get these 2 items. Remember I am about to eat anything that has the misfortune of coming too close to my mouth. So when we go get this cake pan we hear a bark again, sure enough it was real. But it was a fellow service dog. I don't really have much to say about him because he was an assistant for a woman in a wheel chair. But on our way to the eggs... This other woman had a german shepherd in the store... I think the dogs halloween costume was to be a service dog, because the moment it saw Egypt it started to lunge and growl at her. This leaves me silently apologizing to the lady with the wheel chair, it was not her dog after all. I'm not going to lie this dog scared the crap outta me simply because i thought we had solved the mystery of the unknown barking. So the dog scared Egypt as well and I had to calm her down a bit and assure her the dog was gone. Well that dog made me a liar. We were heading over to the check out counter when who do you think we saw... You got it the german shepherd. It lunged again and this time barked a few times confirming my suspicion to his bark. So it scared me again and I gave it a mad look. I don't know if he saw me, haha It was just my reaction to things, I always make a mad face. So I'm all stressed out with that dog and then I'm hoping a manager wasn't going to come and talk to me about my dog being disruptive when she did nothing at all. But it didn't happen. The cashier had my back, without realizing it. She always sees us walking around in walmart and said Egypt was good. This so far has been my worst time ever going out somewhere with Egypt. From old ladies that try to run you down with a shopping cart, to roudy dogs in the store, it was truely a nightmare. The good thing that came out of this whole ordeal is that I found out which cheese I like with my nachos and I'll never by the wrong one again. Thanks for reading and I'll have more to post to catch you up on some of the past with Egypt. Happy Halloween and be safe.


Natalie said...

By the way... the day started with laundry... the marathon came as a result of the 10 foot high pile I had to tackle.

Cabana's Puppy Raiser said...

Hi Darrell! I'm so glad to "meet" you, or at least your blog. I look forward to reading more of your posts. I think everyone, me included, tends to think service dogs are perfect and godlike. Which is why kids like to pet them, not realizing that their advances can make the dog lose focus. When you talk about Egypt and the German shepherd getting riled up by each other, it helps me see that even service dogs are still just dogs. They all have their strengths and weaknesses. This gives me hope for little Cabana making it as a guide someday!!

R said...

Ok I know this was a truly frustrating experience, so I hope you'll forgive me for having some chuckles. I mean really, was the driver of the card blind?? I'm not kidding, I really have to wonder if she's severely low vision and just in denial about it. Wow.

As for the top Model marathon, man I wish I had known that was on.

I hear ya on being so hungry you'll eat anything, and the significant other is "otherwise involved" ;) With mine, its football. I can't wait for the day I can just take my dog and walk to the store tee hee! Though being really hungry and going for a walk isn't the smartest thing in the world. hmmm.

As for that german sheppard, I think you're probably right about it being dressed up as a service dog. From all the blogs I've read, that just dosn't sound like a service dog. And if it was, where was the handler?

I'm glad you all survived, and I hope Egypt wasn't too traumatized. Wal-Mart is just evil.

Nat's mom said...

Wow, sounds like you had a truly scary halloween! Good thing it only comes around once a year. I must say that I too was very freaked when i heard that the voodoo woman treated you so badly and i know it must have been twice as hard to handle because you were obviously so frail from lack of food!! ha-ha. Seriously, have Erin make you some cookies or something to tide you over next time you have to wait for a laundry free zone to clear so you can head to the grocery store.
PS - had to have any cars towed out of your spot lately?????

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Hi Darrell. I am a raiser for GDB and have just started following your blog. It sounds like you had a scary Walmart Halloween, hopefully that doesn't repeat itself. I have also had some very bad experiences with some dogs who must have been in costume as service dogs, except it wasn't on Halloween! Good luck on your next adventure, and I look forward to reading your blog.

Darrell's SIS said...

hahahaha! I can't believe this happened to you. I think that you should've have come over to my house to just eat all the candy we have leftover since we only had one trick-o-treater all night and 8 bags of candy. I'm sure I will hear from you soon, and I will continue to check your blog. I really liked it! You are a great writer and should consider doing it regularly. I want to thank mom and erica for letting me know all about this blog. It was entertaining. Love you!