Friday, November 6, 2009

Should have stayed home

Sorry folks this has been a slow uneventful week. But today was almost thrilling. It all starts when I woke up. I didn't have to go to spanish today because there was a test and i have my test scheduled for next week. So you know what that means... Why of course... Sleep in. Well... It didn't happen... Egypt heard my alarm go off and so she took it upon herself to make sure I was up and serving her breakfast. Now usually she won't pester melike this unless she really has to go to the bathroom or she has some other reason unbeknownst to me. Now here is a glimpse of what she does. She will get up and I'll still be mostly asleep and i feel a nudge with a cold wet nose, or the weight of her head resting on the side of the bed right next to me. If a slight amount of time goes by these actions intensify, and she starts this heavy sigh type of breathing. If I could see i bet i would be looking into the biggest set of puppy eyes I've ever seen. Now from many sources they have told me that Egypt has this look down to an art. She will display these eyes to many people when she is just sitting and I always hear the all to common "OOOOO look at the dog!" Or "Omg It's a dog" Which translates to me as "blah blah blah CAN I PET IT!!!!!!".Soooo. back to My story.. My day of sleeping in was cut extremely short. Even though I do wake up and feed egypt at 830 every morning,I got the guilt trip for about a minute till i got outta bed and fed her and took her outside to relieve. I think she was just bored this morning because she was jumping all around even after she went to the bathroom. This is normal behavior for her, but today it was a little more intense. So I stayed up the rest of the morning and I went to take a shower. Little did I know that people get grouchy when I shower in the morning because i use all the hot water. Now the grouch Waited for a little while to shower too, Even though I told her there was plenty of hot water she went ahead and waited about an hour to shower. So moving along We headed to the dreaded school on friday. I decided to leave my backpack and laptop at home so i wouldn't get distracted with the glories of the internet when I should be paying attention in history class. BIG MISTAKE. When I got into class the professor told us we were having a pop quiz, and when everyone started to complain she explained to us her type of pop quiz. All we had to do was write our name on a sheet of paper and get the names of 10 other people and have it in alphabetical order, then we turn it in. Now this so called quiz would give us 5 extra points on our next test. So I'm there kicking myself for not bringing my backpack and about to leave. But I decided to ask someone for a sheet of paper so I could try and get this done. I found someone right next to me. She didn't understand english all that well though. So she gave me a paper and got my info down for me, I thought she was going to give it to me , but she turned it into the professor for me. With just my name. haha. She was really nice though so I give her props. I wonder if i'm still going to get the points. O yeah i forgot to mention that after we turned in the paper we were free to leave. So i was in class for a total of 5 minutes... Wish i was joking about that. So after that i go and wait outside of Nat's class so We could go home after she got out... What a wonderful day at school.

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