Monday, August 16, 2010

A Millennium later

Bleep blorp bleep, O sorry, I thought that was the language of the day, guess it's still english. good thing is I can still write it.
Well I know I have been totally sucking at posting, but boy have I got some news to tell ya'll. Well today was really exciting for me. Natalie found Egypt's puppy raisers a while back, but didn't realize what she had done. Today C contacted Nat and told her who she was. Nat told me and I couldn't believe it. I lost their contact info shortly after coming home from GDB, and didn't know how to get a hold of them so they could see how Egypt was doing. It is amazing how small of a world this is. 

Well this summer has been slow, due to all the heat, and me not being as busy as I should be. Egypt is still being her good self. Our routine hasn't really deviated to much this summer, but hopefully with new semester we'll have things to do. 

On the wedding frontier however, we have set a date and started getting all the details of it going. We are having our wedding in Jamaica in january of 2012. We are going to do a week long cruise and will get married on the 19th. That day is special because that is the day we started dating in 2008, and also the day we got engaged in 2010.  Good thing is I won't be able to forget the day, If I do, I wouldn't blame Nat for killing me. 
Just recently we got a new vehicle to. It's awesome. We finally have enough room for both dogs, us and some day kids. It's pretty weird thinking I'll have kids, but My dad is the one who brought it up and I couldn't argue with his points. My favorite feature about the car is that it has air conditioning in the back for Egypt and bob. No more little fan that did absolutely nothing to keep them cool. 

The other new thing that has been going on for a while is I have picked up a new hobby/ potential job thing.
I have been learning how to craft things with leather. yeah I know I'm making it sound all impressive, but as of now I have made a few leashes and collars. I also made a dock for my iphone 4 (which I recommend to any blind person) , and wrapped it in leather too.  I am also learning to make front pocket wallets,, standard wallets, and purses. If you would like one of these such items send me a message or an email.

Well, I think that is really all the big news summed up for you lately. Sorry for the 4 month gap, but hopefully now, there will be more to write about since I'll be doing stuff again. 


Amanda Ellen said...

Hey, can you make me a bad ass leash for Leah? Or maybe some saddle bags think we might need them this semester lol. Nah, thats really cool that you are doing the leather deal, maybe a purse? Oh, I could keep you busy for a while lol.

Jen said...

good to have you back :)

Sarah and the Pack. said...

Wow! Busy life and fun times it sounds like! Have fun learning your new craft : )

Alphini's Puppy Raiser said...

You've got LOTS of news Darrell! Congratulations on the wedding news, that's exciting. :) And how cool to catch up with Egypt's puppy raiser!! I'm impressed with the leash making, I don't think I could ever do stuff like that. :)

ChrisAnna said...

I don't like to overstep my boundaries with our dogs' partners. I always figured that if they wanted to stay in contact that they would have reached out to us. So it is a good thing I found you and Natalie. It was such a great experience meeting you and presenting you Egypt at the graduation. I was blown away at the support of your family flying to California. I am so thankful to you for the life you have given Egypt. I could not have asked for more. I told Natalie on her blog that I was going to send an email yesterday but we received some bad news about our latest dog that went into formal training. She was career changed for hip dysplasia. So please don't think I forgot.
I am really glad you are just as excited as I was about finding you guys. I hope you post more updates.

Darrell Garza said...

Thank you everyone. Amanda, Sure I can make you one, and someday I'll be making other stuff plans are in the making for a handbag. Chrisanna I'm glad you're happy with me and Egypt. I take really good care of her and spoil her rotten lol. Thank you for taking the time to train her and make it possible for all the things she has given me and done for me.