Friday, November 27, 2009

Because I know everyone!

I received an award! For being the nicest person on blogger. Just kidding its for being fat on thanksgiving.Check it out here it is
So honestly in the 2 minutes it took me to copy and paste it... I forgot what it was for. But what I do remember is that we award it to five people.

So my number 1 is...... drumroll please.... Natalie . If it wasn't for her i can almost gaurentee I wouldn't ahve a guide dog or alot of the other good stuff I have in my life...Including my Mac.

My number 2 is my family. And the reason they are all number 2 is because there is tomany of them haha, but they have all supported me in the good times and bad

Number 3's are Nat's parents I'll call them N&K  They have always been good to me and We have some good laughs even if it is at my expense

Number 4 is Erin . Nat's twin. Who would I watch T.v. with and she makes some awesome cookies.
And my number five...  Is my mac. I'll call him Alex simply because of the fact that is the name of the voice it uses to read to me. How in the world would I post blogs without you.

Well as you can see with the posting of my laptop I don't really have the most friends haha  sad huh?

 P.s. my family has names to. I'll put them with their first initials because I don't know if they want their names up R.C.M.N.J.R.E.

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Ro said...

Hahaha I would like to give an award to Alex too. I love Alex. I wonder if Apple will ever do a female voice as good as Alex. Hmmm, Alejandra? Holy crap Alex says Alejandra right, I'm amazed! ;)