Friday, November 6, 2009

First Days of Guide Dog school

The first days Of guide dog school were... What's a good way to say... frustrating. Don't get me wrong everything was excellent, but knowing you were going to get your dog in a few days was murder. We did a lot of simulation work called Juno , but I'm not going to go to far into that because I don't know if I'm allowed to. Juno is the general named used with the majority of guide dog schools for their simulation dog. So we did work with juno for three days and then were paired up with our dogs. They do a lot of evaluations, and ask alot of questions to pair you up with the dog that best suits you and your personality. In my case, I wanted a mellow slow paced dog. When I could see I walked very slowly, not because i was cautious, but because I was just slow. (I get it from my dad) So With all the interrogation and evaluations they paired me up with Egypt. That day dragged on like you wouldn't believe. It was like someone kept setting the clock back an hour every hour it was horrible. So finally they called me to introduce me to Egypt. I practically ran down the hall way when i realized i didn't know which room to go to. After They got me into the room I sat . and. sat. and sat. for what seemed like hours. Then. She walked in. No. it wasn't Egypt. I practically had my arms open a smile on my face and was saying come here Egypt. But NO! It was the supervisor. She told me Egypt would be coming in in just a minute. So needless to say I was a little disgruntled. But then My instructor came in with egypt. It was awesome. Egypt came up to me wagging her tail and she licked me and sat down in between my legs. It was one of the best moments of my life. So after that we got to take our dogs back to our dorm room for some bonding. Egypt and I were regulars in the music room. She would lay down at my feet while I played the guitar.Now after this day... The real training started

Well that was the first three days of guide dog school I'm going to sum up a bit of it so we can get the story going a bit more. there were some intesnse moments there at the school though don't worry I'll put those in for sure.


R said...

Yay I love guide dog school stories!! Keep going keep going!!

Lisa and Ellie said...

Glad you got the perfect dog!!

Tif said...

And then, you met me! And everything was wonderful henceforth!