Saturday, November 28, 2009

She's smarter than me!!!

Egypt that is.  So the story starts back in August when I was still learning the school. It first started with me hanging onto Natalie and having Egypt heal at my side.. (she has special powers) So anyway we went through the school a few times and I would have never guessed Egypt paid any attention to what we were doing. Evidently she did. So lets flash to today. Amazingly I went to school on a saturday for study gorup. I did absolutely nothing, but I offered help. Then thankfully that ended and it was time to go home. So Egypt, Natalie and I were walking through UTSA and Egypt seemed like she was on the ball. Except when she sniffed an invisible something on the ground. So time went on and i told her to make a right turn next to a building. Little did I know I didn't know where i was. So Natalie told me it was a stair case that I hated to use. It was the one we used back in August. So we got to the bottom of the stairs and the only direction I could remember was to tell Egypt to go left. Then I told Natalie "Crap I don't remember where to go now." Then Egypt started taking some initiative and started walking the way we would use back in August and Natalie told me that it looked  like Egypt knew where she was. She knew more than that. So remember, the only command I gave her was to turn left at the bottom of the stairs. So she started walking the route and she was making the turns and everything flawlessly. Then she adapted that route that was never used to the route that we use everyday to get back to my jeep. So we were walking down the side walk and she turned onto a down ramp to get on the striped line for the handicap parking lane. Natalie said that she even appeared to looked to the left down the street for traffic. So it was clear and we set off again for the Jeep. While we were walking there was a handicap sign that had been hit so it was all bent and in the walk way. So Egypt slowed down quite a bit and made sure that i got past it safely without hitting my face on it. Then we continued to walk and she stopped and was looking at me for direction. I figured she recognized the car so I encouraged her to continue walking and as I did that Natalie unlocked the car and I was shocked that egypt found it on top of everything else she did. I was speechless. So when she jumped up in the car she was wagging her tail because she knew she did a good job so I gave her a jackpot *(which is a lot of treats to let them know they did an awesome job). She was so proud of herself . I can tell that because she looses all composure when I give her praise, even if she's working. It was so amazing I guess I kind of got a taste of when a parent is proud of their kids.. She is going to get a little bit of peanut butter with her dinner tonight.


Ro said...

Ooooh wow!!!! What an amazing dog!!!!!

Tif said...

Guide like an Egyptian!!!